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Bad Communication is Worse than None

By Bobfish14-02-2014

According to Valve, bad communication is far, far worse than no communication at all. This, it seems, is why Half-Life 3 is being confirmed all the time. Because they refuse to give us the wrong info about it. And honestly, I have to say, I agree with them. Basically, what they mean is, they won't talk to us about something without being absolutely certain that it is something real. That sounds a lot more complicated than it really is, so let's let Robin Walker explain it instead. He's far more loquacious than I am.

Watch the video above. It's a bit on the lengthy side, but it's well worth your time. Basically, the idea is this. Say someone from Valve jumps in on a discussion some fans are having on the forums about something they want to see in Half-Life 3. Like the gravity gun for example. Imagine if that was a fan idea, and Valve jumped in and said it was great, they really liked it, and they were considering putting it in. Then, along the way, they realise it would completely destroy the dynamic of the game, they remove it, and we're all spitting mad when we find out.

So yeah, sometimes silence really is the better option.

Oh, and Half-Life 3 confirmed.


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Posts: 23

Very odd piece of advice for a company that barely ever communicates.

Posts: 297

I'll wait on Duke Nukem Forever 2.