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Back To the Good Old Days

By Bis18marck7004-10-2012

You remember the glorious days of RPGs? No, I don’t mean the stone-ages when people played them with only pen, paper and mind. I mean the time when we played it on our old machines, following the epic quests of Wizardry, Dungeons & Dragons etc. You do? Great, for now is your time to rejoice.

Loot Drop, the indie studio founded in November 2010 and the place where Brenda Brathwite, John Romero and Tom Hall spend their time, have launched a new Kickstarter project aimed to go back to the old style of RPGs in a new setting. What does this mean? Well, instead of following the set path of a certain hero, you will design this person and his 4-men/women party yourself. Apart from that, the game is said to basically include everything good the old and new RPGs had to offer, with a progression system, hirable NPCs, looting and exploration to name the obvious.

The games funding is set at a staggering 1 million yet, after just a single day, more than $130.000 have been pledged. Loot Drop has also announced that a $1.9million pledge would mean that a second game would be developed. In this case, Brenda Braithwaite and Tom Hall will each design a separate game and bring to you for the price of one Kickstarter (-oh, and importable/transferable characters!). For those that know, both these figures have been highly active in the past, working on different RPGs, so it might be interesting to see their different styles being put into the different games.

I’d highly encourage all of you to check out their Kickstarter. Besides constantly being reminded of the high profilers on the development team, it’s obvious that a lot of planning and work has been put into it. It deserves a good read even if only to lecture the younglings of the glorious days of old school RPGs.

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