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Back to the Future of 2497 with SC's OST

By CameronW12-12-2013

Remember that sweet song from StarCraft 1 that kinda sounded like a mix between a dude messing with the effects on his guitar and a high school marching band? Then there's that weird bluegrass jam that sounds like it should be on Squidbillies. Good times. What I'm trying to get at is that StarCraft's soundtrack was killer, and Blizzard knows it because they're adding it into StarCraft 2 in all of its late 90s wonder. For all of our sakes I'll just stop gushing about it and share some (click the embedded video above).

Currently it's only on the Public Test Client, but it's due to hit the main game soon. You can enable it by jumping on over to your audio options and enabling it in the drop-down menu right below the subtitles checkbox.


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