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Babs and Bats

By BloodyFanGirl01-10-2013

There's a new batch of screens for the highly anticipated Batman game, Arkham Origins These images feature the familiar faces of Barbara Gordon and her Father. The picture of Barbara shows her before her transformation into the Oracle and we know that she has already become the Oracle at some point before the events of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. However, it's not yet clear whether we'll see Barbara undergoing this transformation over the course of this latest game or in a later chapter. Check out our gallery below.


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Posts: 123

That would be really awesome if we got to see her as Batgirl. Even better if we get to play as her! :D

Posts: 3290

I wonder though. Will this be the Oracle Babs? Most certainly, since she was in Asylum. BUT. Will she be Batgirl first?