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Axiomatic Revelations

By Bobfish14-08-2015

It's no secret we're quite fond of Wales Interactive here. Probably has something to do with them making great games and being generally nice people. Also, their boss is David Banner, and we really don't want to make him angry. The reasons for which are axiomatic. Which is an entirely unintentional (honest) segue into what we're actually here for today. Because, you see, there's still a lot of great stuff coming out of this year's Gamescom even now. And today, we are bringing you a story trailer for the (hopefully) soon to be released Soul Axiom. Billed as the spiritual successor to Master Reboot and a damn fine game in its own right.

I've already spent a fair whack of time with it, and our preview will be coming along soon. Which is a good thing, because we now know it's going to the Wii U as well. Which leaves some interesting questions regarding the use of the controller. Specifically, how will that transfer across to the PC? Because we have been assured that any fanciness that they do there, will also be available to those with a tablet. And that, if not the game itself, has me extremely intrigued.

What does this have to do with the story? It's funny you should ask, because everything is relative.

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