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Awaken Dead Space DLC In March

By Vexytube06-02-2013

While Dead Space 3 hasn't even been released here in Europe, we already have some news about the first DLC due for release next month called "Awakened". It will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and the PC with a 10 dollar price tag. EA have not released much information, but they described it as "the franchise's darkest chapters as the Necromorph battles become even more gruesome and terrifying than ever before." And the Executive Producers Steve Papoutsis called Awakened "some of the most disturbing content".

It's quite well known that Dead Space 3 will be featuring silly micro-transactions for those of you who are too lazy to salvage/search for components and to make things a little worse. The PC version will be a direct console port making me question why it's even being released on the PC in the first place...

Even with all these strange additions to a much loved franchise, I'm still kind of looking forward to Dead Space 3 but at the same time very worried this may be one sequel too many in Isaacs career.

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