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Avalanche Claims PS4 Will Kill PC’s For a While

By Merc12-03-2013

This will be an interesting conversation because I already have proof that this is not true. We already know what the specifications are for the PlayStation 4 and based off those Avalanche cannot be serious. To be fair Linus Blomberg was talking about the 8GB of GDDR5 RAM that will be included in the console. If you didn't know this type of RAM is not available in PC's (yet!). Regardless of our opinion this is Avalanches thoughts in a recent interview with Gaming Bolt. If consoles were able to maintain this type of advantage over PC's for "years to come" it would certainly be the first time. At this point consoles are like museum relics compared to the latest PC hardware. As PC gamers we should not be worried, PC's have been "dying" for years according to many industry analysts. We are still strong, if anything the PS4 hardware should make it easier to make PC good ports. Who knows, the PC could be the leading platform and then they port it over to the consoles. Let's hope!

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