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August Might Face Saints Row 4

By JcDent04-03-2013

Aubrey Norris of Deep Silver tweeted that we should prepare for something grand in PAX East. Meanwhile, Chris Stockman, designer of Saints Row 1 and lead designer at Human Head tweeted that the word around the campfire is that Saints Row 4 is probably getting released in August 4. This might just bump GTA V and its September release on the nose - or rob SR4 of buyers who are saving for GTA V.

What do you guys think?

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Posts: 3290

No dude, we're the lucky ones. Deep Silver and SEGA are great companies, that will do great things, with great people, who already make great games. I'll miss THQ as an entity, but their legacy will only continue to grow

Posts: 67

Yes they where, and that's one of the reasons Deep Silver gave their dollars for the studio and this IP in particular. It's very likely that they'll recover the investment with SR4 alone and still make profit.

THQ was in a dire situation, SEGA and Deep Silver where one of the lucky ones that had to the chance to take advantage of the situation.

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That's a little sudden isn't it? I have a sneaky suspicion there was already work being done on this before THQ went tits up

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Well, since GTA5 on PC will be at a later date, i could use some SR4 by that time.