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Augmented Reality In The Rift?

By Fr33Lanc3r.00718-09-2013

So unless you've been hiding under a rock the past few years, you should all know about the Oculus Rift by now. The concept is solid, but I'm not just after Virtual Reality, I've always wanted to get my hands on Augmented Reality. And that dream could very well become a reality, as a group of students from the University of Ontario have taken it upon themselves to fit an Oculus Rift out with cheap webcams and some custom code in order to convert it into a fully fledged AR device.

It's still early days, the cameras can transmit to the device (as shown in the above Youtube video), but not much else so far. For those of you who have skills in software engineering and want to find out more (or build on what they have/end up having), you can check out their project on Github. For those of us who are simply consumers of software, all we can do is hope that these guys - or someone else - makes this a reality for everyone.

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Posts: 166

If this is going to be available for porn, then sign me up now.

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It's...a...peripheral for a peripheral.


Posts: 10

If only some huge company would support this device into becoming the future. It probably will anyway.

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I was thinking more of a tactical analysis for social situations...

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OMG! Just think of what this could do for the porn industry! How do I give these people my money?