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Auction House Going Offline Today

By CameronW18-03-2014

Remember how awesome the Diablo 3 auction house sounded when it was first announced? Well, when it was announced I thought it was a neat idea. However it quickly became an overwhelming issue, when everyone’s gear started almost exclusively come from bots farming items and putting them on the auction house for gold. For a game about trekking through dungeons for loot, the auction house seemed to destroy any idea of actually going out to collect loot.

The loot problems were fixed with 2.0’s Reaper of Souls pre-patch, and the auction house is going offline today. That’s right, it’s gone. No more items, no more real money spending, no more buying gold. You’re on your own when it comes to gearing out your Diablo 3 character from here on out, and that’s pretty cool.


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