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Attempt to Save Homeworld Franchise on Kickstarter

By Mokman12-03-2013

The demise of THQ shook the entire gaming industry, sending ripples and repercussions throughout the scene that have not yet settled. In the frenzy of the heavy movers, one might easily overlook old and disused franchises, sadly enough, and none is a bigger waste than the overlooking of the Homeworld franchise. Arguably what spawned the current generation of space strategy games, Homeworld was a brilliant game that innovated and refreshed the whole genre. And now, it is being saved, by teamPixel, who had originally attempted to rescue it on IndieGoGo. Although that had failed by approximately $13,675, they have not given up, and have instead moved on to Kickstarter.

Ending on March 26, this Kickstarter hopes to garner $50,000, with different stretch goals and rewards for contributions. Currently, all they have to show for it though is from Homeworld mobile, but a Homeworld 3 update is in the works and has been promised soon. I, for one, really hope that this is saved from the trash-heap, Homeworld is too good a franchise to be jettisoned into space.

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