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Attempt to Make Gaming for Everyone...with Tongue Controllers

By BloodyFanGirl08-12-2013

So, here's something cool - some employees at Valve have been experimenting with the development of some pretty untraditional controllers. Amongst these experiments is a controller that lets the user input with their tongue (video above) and another that takes input from the user's posture (video below).

So, these early, EARLY prototypes are particularly awesome for a few reasons. Mainly, I'm all for making games more accessible to everyone. So, making controllers that allow users to input commands with other parts of their body that aren't their hands is really cool and makes gaming a much more accessible medium to the disabled community. Furthermore, it never hurts to have options for most things in life and controller types are no exception. There's no guarantee that these controller prototypes will ever properly come to a consumer grade fruition but the video demonstrations certainly look hopeful.

As always, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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This sort of experimentation makes you wonder...what other body parts we will be able to control games with? And I wonder if the tongue will be used as a training aid to practice some technique used on women?? :-0

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I've heard of arseing around. But...