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Atman, the Hero Our Eyes Deserve

By Grawne13-03-2014

Oculus VR, makers of the eponymous virtual reality headset have just announced their hiring of Atman Binstock, one of the lead engineers and driving forces behind Valve’s VR project. This is the same project that produced the VR prototype gamers have been quoted as saying is “light-years ahead” of the original version of the Oculus headset. One noteworthy quirk of Valve’s prototype was its dependence on an array of QR codes haphazardly scattered across the walls and ceiling of the room. These codes were used by a camera integrated into the device to better track the headset’s position in space (poor head-tracking appears to be one of the contributing factors involved in VR-related motion sickness).

Oculus VR’s blog credits Binstock as being a key impetus behind proving that the motion sickness experienced by many using the original Oculus goggles could be overcome, as well as with helping set the bar for the consumer VR experience. It’s worth noting that the current model of Oculus’ VR technology, the ‘Crystal Cove’ prototype is also ‘light-years’ ahead of its predecessor, but perhaps with Binstock’s help they can do even better.

In any event, things are looking good for the future of Virtual Reality. It is expected that Binstock’s record of innovation in the field will continue, perhaps even eliminating an interior-decor fad before it begins.

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