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At the Gates With Jon

By JcDent07-02-2013

Jon Shafer of Civilization V fame wants you to Kickstart his new project called 'At the Gates'!

As you may gather from the name, you'll be playing as a barbarian that will hopefully eventually crush romans. Since the guy did make Civilization, this is a turn based game.

The maps are going to be randomly generated (there's also an option for a geographically accurate Europe) and will be affected by the changing seasons (like rivers freezing over). Your units will depend on supply, so starving an enemy army is a viable solution. Resources on the map dwindle, so you might be forced to conquer - or pack your things and migrate!

Diplomacy is going to depend on situational requests - sending food to a starving tribe will net you a lot of points.

Also you'll get to interact with Romans - who start very strong, yet grow weaker during the game. Eventually your barbarians might get more cultured and technologically advanced through contact with the romans - and probably use those boons to conquer them!

So it's like War in the East, but with romans. What do you think, armchair generals?

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