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At Southsun We Stand

By Kelevandos31-05-2013

ArenaNet is getting better and better with their Guild Wars 2 content updates. The most recent one - "Last Stand at Southsun" even has a trailer! In it we can see GW2 at its finest, with a giant Karka on a rather static rampage, a new boss encounter and the unique back pieces, available for those who complete this month events achievements. You can have animated tentacles on your back!

The update includes some changes to WvWvW, also adding to the recent ones in the struggle to make the mode even more popular. I am personally very content with how ArenaNet develops their game, not because they do everything right, but because they learn from mistakes.  Every month brings a new, better multi-stage adventure and the only thing a GW2 player could wish for now is a fully-fledged expansion with some new classes to try and places to see. Go Team A.R.E.N.A.!

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