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ASUS Demonstrates a Liquid-Cooled Laptop

By NAG3LT05-09-2015

Gaming on a laptop is an art of compromises, as mobility comes at a price. Light ultrabooks are easy to carry, have long battery life, but their integrated graphics limit your choice of games. On the opposite end of power/portability scale are gigantic laptops with desktop components. These expensive beasts often pack a desktop CPU and sometimes even a desktop GPU. They cannot live far away from a power socket and are quite heavy. At least they are more portable than a desktop tower. At pre-IFA 2015 press-conference, ASUS has introduced a new kind of beast in the latter category – GX700 with liquid cooling.

ASUS ROG GX700 has been presented with very respectable specifications. It has Intel Skylake quad core i7-6820HK CPU (2.7 GHz base clock) with the overclocking capabilities. While the official announcement has not specified which specific GPU is inside, computerbase.de (link in German) has managed to get some additional information. GX700 seems to use GPU named GTX 990M, with specs very close to desktop GTX 980 and 8GB VRAM. This would be quite a lot of graphics power for laptop and the liquid cooling is reserved solely to assist with GPU cooling. Pumps and fans are located in the external block and it is likely required to get the full performance of GX700. It will be interesting to see how convenient the connection to the external cooling block is. There is also 4K 17-inch display and 64GB of RAM. The weight of the laptop has not been mentioned. ROG GX700 is expected to be released at the end of this year and cost at least $4000.


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Holy... crap. I think it's rather ridiculous but I support that Asus and other manufacturers are trying to push the envelope with mobile gaming. I remember when GPU's on the mobile end were always a gimped version of their desktop counter part.

For example, my older Asus G53 had a 460m, which was about half the gpu horse power of a desktop GTX 460. Now laptops with the 900 series gpu's are getting around 80% of their desktop counter part. The 970m and 980m are insane. To think you can get that in a laptop with a high performance cpu and have it run at 150-200 watts is incredible.

People will always bash mobile gaming but I strongly support it. This is what pushes innovation. To keep getting the most out of performance while reducing power consumption as much as possible. As an owner of a desktop rig and fairly good laptop (Asus G771), keep them coming.

Do I think this water cooling peripheral is practical? No, not particularity but I still think it's very interesting.