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Assigned to the Southern Front

By JcDent13-12-2013

„I heard there was a drastic improvement in road quality in Russia. Tanks barely get stuck anymore“ goes the joke. Well, you can now experience the funtimes of getting stuck in Russia by downloading the Theater of War DLC „Southern Fronts“ for the Company of Heroes 2, the lackluster sequel to probably the greatest RTS of all time.

In this pack, you'll face the spring of 1943 and the muds that come with all that Commie snow melting. The mud will slow down vehicles as snow did infantry. Judging from all the video evidence, it seems that mud is just recolored snow with the modifier to slow down tanks. Oh well. So, for hefty sum of $5, your game gets not only mud, but eight more AI Battles (that, if I understand correctly, can be played as both sides) and two Solo Challenges. This pair entails assaulting a German convoy that has been stuck in the mud and destroying vehicles before they're dug out or, as the Vehrmach, attacking a Soviet base and then defending them from Russian reinforcements.

Free content launched includes two new maps, a slew of gameplay changes and Steam Workshop integration for the World Builder tool.

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