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Assassin's Playing On the High Seas

By Bobfish25-03-2013

A primarily gameplay based trailer has now arrived for Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag. It shows that, for the most part, very little has changed from the previous entries in so far as the parkour engine is concerned. Which isn't such a terrible thing, but I do hope the minor irritations will, finally, be fixed this time around. However, the flow of combat has clearly evolved yet again. Showcasing Edward's skill with dual cutlasses, dual pistols, and a number of other things. As well as swimming and, I shit you not, fist fights with freaking sharks! Just...what? Madness I tell you! Absolute madness! I just...just don't know what else to say. Punching sharks in the face. Sign me up.

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Yeah dude. The naval battles were HELLA' fun. Just too few of them. I want randomly generated missions damnit!

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I have high hopes for this sequel. I am amazed they decided to go right for a full numbered sequel, and so soon. I just fear they might be rushing it out too fast? A new number, means high player expectations. I do see some instant upgrades in terms of the see combat and the ocean conditions and physics. So that is already a good sign. Since my main joy in ASC3 was the naval battles I am glad that the sea will be a bigger focus of this title. I might pre-order this one :D

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I want to punch out a shark!

I'm now officially interested in Assassin's Creed again

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That... was awsome! :D