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Assassins PhysX

By Mokman20-12-2013

Now that I own both the PC and the PS4 - wait! Don't lynch me just yet. Anyway, now that I own both platforms, I can safely say that Assassins Creed 4 still looks better on my PC than it does on the console. And apparently, it's just gonna get better from here - A new PhysX patch incoming from Nvidia which, of course, is PC exclusive, involving mind-bending acronyms such as TXAA, HBAO+, Percentage Closer Softer Shadows, and other such techno-jargon.

What is important though is that it looks absolutely gorgeous. I mean, they're optimizing it down to the point where Nvidia is talking about a 'significant visual difference in the rigging on the Pirate ships'. Now that's dedication. It also introduces 'NVIDIA Particle Effects and Turbulence to the Assassin's Creed World. Turbulence and particle effects combine to create a volumetric smoke which can be seen in pistol and musket fire, smoke bombs and chimney smoke. The smoke, lingers longer, has more volume, and interacts with the character and the elements, such and wind and rain. As the intensity of the weather varies, so does the interaction with the smoke.'

Interested? Check out the video, or head on over to the GeForce site to learn more.

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