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Assassins Of The Caribbean

By MrJenssen15-08-2013

Check out this fancy new gameplay footage from AC4: Black Flag, where our hero Edward Kenway completes various tasks in underwater locations and caverns, the Cuban city of Havana and the thick jungles of the Caribbean isles. Of course, he wouldn't be a proper assassin if he could do it all without getting spotted.

I'm particularly intrigued by Havana. As the narrator states, Havana is a homage to the early Assassin's Creed games, with tall buildings and narrow streets. It seems that Ubisoft were able to combine the urban free-running mechanics of the older AC-games, with the ship combat and forests of Assassin's Creed 3. It would seem that old fans and new will be getting exactly what they want with the upcoming Black Flag.

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Posts: 3290

Let's hope that it will do everything better than Ass Cream 3

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Let's hope that it will use multi-core CPUs better than AC3