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Assassin's Com GameFlag

By Bobfish05-09-2013

Another ten minutes of open world gameplay for Assassin's Creed IV. By this point, I bet you're thinking there's nothing left to see. Well, you're wrong.

So very, very wrong.

Underwater stealth (no, seriously, that really is a thing), hand to hand takedowns, and an extremely aging graphics engine that still looks pretty damn nice akshully. This is running on the PlayStation 3 as evidenced by on screen prompts and the questionable framerate, and it still looks...decent. Makes me wonder exactly how much better it will be with DX11 and all the other PC nommyness. Unlike previous gameplay demos this one is an actual demonstration, jumping around all over the place to show as many different interactions as possible.

Well worth a watch. It's not hard at all to see why our very own Mr Jenssen is so excited to get his mitts on it. Be warned however. This video also contains footage of the extremely controversial whale harpooning mechanics that has Peta's panties in a bunch.

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Posts: 3290

I will buy ALL DA GAMS!

Posts: 596

I really don't know now what to get :(
Too many great titles to choose from... Watch Dogs... this AsC game. Still need to play Saints Row 4 as well :(

Posts: 1317

Ah, time to get the fapping tissue out again.

Posts: 3290

A conspiracy D:

Posts: 1548

Oh noes! Harpooning!