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Assassin's Co-op

By MrJenssen29-07-2013

The lucky sods over at VG24/7 have gotten their hands on an early build of Assassin's Creed 4's cooperative mode. Or dare I say, modes. You see, in addition to an improved and expanded Wolfpack mode as first seen in AC3 - here known as "Unleashed Mode", there's also a cooperative campaign called Discovery Mode.

It's not a fully fledged cooperative campaign that aligns itself with the main singleplayer campaign in terms of depth and scale, however, and serves more as a sort of tutorial for the full Unleashed mode. Still, it's an interesting move. Hopefully, the franchise will continue to improve and expand on this concept with future iterations. For me personally, this seems like a fun distraction, but not much more than a distraction. It's the singleplayer campaign I want. Especially since you have more or less full freedom to move around the world in your ship, whereas the cooperative modes force you and three other landlubbers to complete specific objectives on land.

Check the gameplay video out for more details.

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@Neon: That would be frikkin' awesome!

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Awh, so the co-op is just a mode, I was hoping for a jump in/jump out single-player co-op campaign :'(

I still think that is what AsC needs the most :(

Oh well, I guess this is a step in the right direction, granted AsC 3 already had something like this :(

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Merc, nor did I very much, until when they announced that AC4 will be all piratey and open-world at that.

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XiDiO does seem to have an obsession with small things

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I still dont care about the AC series at all.....

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Seriously... the littlest of details is what Xidio cares about.

Dude. The visuals in the entire video looks dated as all hell. Characters look flat and low detailed. It's relatively early footage, AND I'm quite certain it's footage taken from one of the current-gen consoles. No idea why they'd do that, but I can't explain the poopy look in any other way. Even AC2 looks much better than this on PC.

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So they had no grass in the caribbean?

Seriously... the littlest of details can ruin the graphics as a whole, looks awful. Anyway coop mode looks like a generic horde mode but instead of the enemies rushing at you, you find them.

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Still don't care about MP. Haven't even launched AC3 MP/coop

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Very interested in this, add co-op whatever in, and i'm interested already.