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Assassin’s Creed Unity Experience

By NAG3LT24-07-2014

The latest trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity highlights the technical advancements of the newest version of AnvilNext game engine. The trailer does not seem to be pre-rendered, as there is a lot of aliasing visible. Graphically, there is clearly much more details in buildings and environment as wells as character faces seem more detailed, compared to previous games.

While it is nice to see the overall improvement in visual quality, the performance remains an important question, as previous AC games had issues with it. As well as the matter of downgraded visuals in the final version of Watch Dogs which Unity might fall victim for.

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Man, I love the AsC franchise and I have rarely been disappointed by it. I just hate it now that I don't have the time anymore to play such big games. They are really a big time commitment and AsC especially just absorbs your time, you can easily lose many weekends/hours in it without even noticing, they are just so fun and immersive.

I am curious though how the co-op will be integrated, is it just a mode or will it be for the actual campaign this time around.