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Assassin’s Creed 3 What If

By NeonAnderson07-02-2013

Connor goes from being a liberator to a rebel in the upcoming alternate reality single-player DLC. The video above shows off what the new Connor will look like in the DLC, as well as some of the unique powers and abilities he will be able to use:

  • Power of the Bear: Gives strength and fury of the mighty bear
  • Power of the Eagle: Provides a short burst of speed
  • Power of the Wolf: Master camouflage, making Connor undetectable
  • Warpain: A symbol of power and courage, thus enhancing his abilities
  • Alpha of the Pack: Call upon your wolves for aid in battle

Assassin's Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington will be available on February 19th and can be purchased separately and is included with the Season Pass. As the title suggests, this DLC plays out an alternative possible series of events in which Washington became a tyrant King, instead of a democratic President.

Beyond this DLC, Ubisoft have already announced the launch dates for the next two DLCs. Namely, The Betrayal and The Redemption. The Betrayal will be available on March 19, while The Redemption will be available on April 23rd. Just as with Tyranny of King Washington, these can be purchased individually and are included in the Season Pass.

All in all, these DLCs definitely hold some promise and if they are well made, they could potentially deliver hours of endless fun and assassination.

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I really liked Connor

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lol Bobfish. You really hate Connor don't you :P

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Hopefully he won't be such a dick this time