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ASRock Goes Bitcoin Mining

By acharris7716-11-2013

Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go...eh? It is not that kind of mining we are doing? Ok. ASRock have announced that they are releasing a motherboard that's specifically designed for Bitcoin mining. Yeah, I do not fully understand it all either, but the video will give a very brief explanation better than I can. This could actually be the first time that hardware has been designed for Bitcoin mining, as I cannot recall another one.

Bitcoin mining briefly is internet-based, peer-to-peer currency. You run an application that solves mathematical problems to generate coins. In order to control inflation, every time a problem is solved, an algorithm is created a little bit more complex to solve the next problem, and this just continues to run. Think of it like Folding @ home, but instead of using CPU, it uses GPU's.

ASRock Pro BTC-series motherboards features one PCI-E 2.0 x 1 and six PCI-E 2.0 x 16 slots, so that you can add a lot of graphics cards to increase the amount of coins you can mine. The motherboard has two extra 4-pin connectors, so that you are able to power all the cards. No prices have been set, but given that some of the rates the early adopters have had, it might not be a bad investment.

Be warned though, the rates do vary week to week. So there we go people, in order to mine in the 21st century, put away your pick axes and shovels, and everybody go to the digital mines.


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