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Asking DICE-y Questions

By JcDent05-08-2013

Battlefield 3 was awesome, Battlefield 4 will probably be awesome too. And now DICE is answering questions (that they probably gave themselves)! For the first instalment, they tackled vehicles. So, the Chinese list so far looks like this:

Type 99 MBT

ZFB-05 Armored Car

Z-9 Haitun Transport Heli

Z-10W Attack Heli

DV15 Interceptor Attack Boat

It's missing APCs and IFVs, but those are probably reserved for DLC, much like tank destroyers in BF 3. All in all, nothing too surprising and I can't wait to stick C4 onto the ZFB.

Meanwhile, in boat related matters, once your ship is gone, you'll be able to dive or sprint swim to safety, as well as use one hand guns and gagdets. So that you might plink ineffectively at a helicopter and give the pilot a few laughts before he blows you up.

And there's a picture of a helo to boot! Nifty.

Hopefully, the next question parade will involve the campaign. Until then check out this short video we found of the game running on Ultra settings.

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lol, consoles...

Posts: 3290

The real question. How much *cough* better (lol) *cough* will this be on consoles. 'Cause PC isn't powerful enough to handle it

Posts: 297

Moar destruction!