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As If Deliverance Wasn't Ambitious Enough Already

By MrJenssen14-02-2014

Okay, Warhorse. Now you're just teasing us. The Czech developer's Kickstarter campaign for their realistic first person RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, seems to never stop reaching out to more gamers. They've now passed £733,500 over their original 300k goal, and it's likely due to the large amount of actual footage we've seen over the past few weeks. The customization, horse riding, combat, and now; the world.

Warhorse's intention is to create a world that feels dense and alive. A world that reacts to your actions, and the actions of others. NPCs have their own lives, with daily routines, jobs, hobbies and interests. Most NPCs sleep at night, get up in the morning to have breakfast, do their job and then go do something else after work. Some might go to the pub, for example. But it doesn't end there. If the pub is closed, the game's AI system picks from a pool of available alternatives for that specific NPC, and he or she might instead go do something else that interests them, or even just go to sleep earlier than usual. NPCs can even change hobbies and interests as the game goes by.

Animals are also treated as NPCs. They will have their daily routines as well, and will sleep, feed or hunt depending on what time of the day and even the weather.

If this all sounds too good to be true, then I'm inclined to agree with you. AI is something that time and time again ends up getting low priority among game developers. Most devs favor complete scripting with solid animations, rather than actually smart NPCs that "think" for themselves. But Warhorse aren't afraid of actually showing off what they're talking about. This doesn't seem to be the usual PR crap we hear from developers who ask us to just take them at their word. No, here we actually get to see this stuff in action in a, albeit very early, build of the game.

Check out the video for yourself if you still don't believe me. And get ready. We're in the final week of the Kickstarter campaign, and Warhorse want to see the amount of backing skyrocket by showing off footage from a playable build that will be at least 30 minutes long, very soon. Trust me, I'll keep you updated as soon as it hits the scene.

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