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Armored Warare – River Point Map Trailer

By WskOsc23-05-2015

Upcoming steel behemoth blasting game Armored Warfare is looking decidedly pretty when showing modern tanks getting rammed into rivers, off cliffs and exploding into flaming piles of scrap. We haven't had the opportunity to go hands on with the game yet but it looks like Obsidian Entertainment are putting the CryEngine through its paces to provide a solid competitor to World Of Tanks or War Thunder.

The trailer, supposedly about the River Point map shows off a number of interesting features such as helicopters, artillery, ammunition transports, tank destroyers and the gorgeous looking PL-01 – a futuristic looking Polish vehicle that wouldn't look out of place in a Command And Conquer game. Oh, and there's an anti-tank missile fired from that lovely beast towards the end too. We're sold based on the trailer, fingers crossed for a hands-on with the game at some point in the future.

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