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Armored Kill's Assignments Get All Vehicley

By RubyStreams03-09-2012

With just over a week remaining until the release of Armored Kill (well, for Premium Members), The Official Battlefield Blog has posted a list of Assignments, Achievements and Trophies for you to study and learn what you must do to earn some bragging rights amongst your friends.

As you may have expected, the Assignments are all vehicle based, you know, with Armored Kill being heavily focused on the vehicle combat of Battlefield 3. The complete, detailed, list of Assignments and Achievements/Trophies can be found here.

Armored Kill releases on September 11th for Premium members/September 25th for Non Premium members.

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He he ruby I'll join you :)

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Releases the 2nd day of my holiday :) I know what I will be doing with myself on Sept 11th!!!!