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Armikrog Comes To E3

By MrJenssen11-06-2013

Pencil Test Studios, the former devs behind the point-n-click classic 'The Neverhood' and the creators of the Armikrog Kickstarter project, are coming to E3 tomorrow!

According to a recent update for the Kickstarter campaign, the intention is to raise awareness of and promote the project and the game, by showing off (and perhaps giving out) T-shirts and other merchandise. Though the update says nothing about it, the devs may also have some teasers to show off as well.

It's a smart move, considering how E3 is without a doubt our planet's biggest gaming event of the year. The campaign has been doing good raising money, but with 15 days until deadline, they still need another $400.000 to go. Incidentally, the game was also just put out on Steam Greenlight, so go there and thumb it up if you have an extra second to spare, and at least a slight interest in this unique-looking game from the developers of one of the most bizarre, most niche and yet most beloved point-n-click classics of all time.

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Really hope they get funded.