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Armikrog – Claymation Adventure

By BloodyFanGirl17-04-2013

A month ago we reported that the creators of 1996's The Neverhood announced that they were working on another project. It was revealed then that the new project would use clay and stop-motion animation like that found in The Neverhood. This new project's name has since been released and it's called Armikrog.

Actual details about the new game are very thin on the ground. The official website merely features the new project's name in large white text, its official Twitter page only has one tweet and the Facebook page is very bare as well, save for an extremely short video clip.

That said I'm intrigued despite the all but non-existence of information on this game and the fact I'm not entirely sure what an 'Armikrog' is or could be. Claymation is hardly the go-to option for very many games at all and that alone piques my interest. I'll certainly be watching this space.

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