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Armello the Land Where Gamers Meet

By Caraline_Nelson28-04-2014

When role playing, video games, animated cards, and board games join as one it means there’s something for everyone. League of Geeks is using Kickstarter to move this unique concept along. 

Whether you play as Thane - The Winter Wolf, Amber - The Far Seeker (Rabbit), Murcurio - The Grinning Blade (Rat), or Sana - The Forest Sister (Bear), or perhaps one of the backer only exclusive bandit clan members, the brave and courageous animals of Armello fight to claim the throne. They’ll dungeon crawl, battle monsters, amass treasure, gather settlements, and even gain followers. 

The game will not be subscription based, however, and it will have in-app purchases as new cards and heroes are released. Right now it looks like the beta will be released in March of 2015.

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Hoping it's all in first person!