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ArmA'd But Mod Dangerous

By Bobfish05-12-2013

Bohemia Interactive have teamed up with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) of all people. To bring us the Make ArmA not War modding contest for the recently released ArmA 3. With categories which include multiplayer (obviously) single player, add-on and total modification, there's a hefty total of half a million Euro's up for grabs. With individual prizes ranging from €20,000 to the top prize of €200,000. Even in real (trollface) money, that's still knocking on an eighth of a million quid (Great British pounds) for the top spot. Even big business execs usually only make about a third to half of that in a year.

Along with the cash being fronted up by Bohemia themselves, the ICRC are offering an extra incentive in the form of a place on one of their international aid relief programs. The trip will last for a week, will be in a foreign country (no details as to which right now) and will probably strike some as being more work than reward. But to those people I can be shake my head sadly and pity their lack of ability to care for their fellow man. Following on from the War Child partnership we reported yesterday, this seems to be marking a trend for large, well respected military simulators to use their appeal to do something constructive. I for one hope we see more of this kind of thing.

Though I'm also morbidly curious to see how a certain canine named news station will somehow spin this in to being a liberal plot to turn our children into mass murdering maniacs.

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