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ARMA 3 Website/Forum Passwords Leaked

By Kelevandos12-07-2013

Okay, sounds serious, but keep calm and keep reading. Bohemia Interactive, the developers of ARMA 3, posted an announcement yesterday, stating that one of their databases was hacked, leading to a leak of usernames, e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords. Apparently, this only concerns the forums/website credentials, with no chance of credit card information getting out. Also, please note that the passwords were encrypted, so there is little chance for anyone to use them, but Bohemia decided to take steps to ensure the safety of the users. All the passwords were reset and you will need to visit this link to set a new one.

Here is the full text of the announcement from their website:

"Dear Community Members,
We have unfortunately discovered that an illegal attempt has been made to access certain of our online websites, leading to the download of a database containing usernames, email addresses and encrypted passwords. Please note due to the encryption of the passwords it is very unlikely that anything nefarious can be done with this information.
We would like to reassure everyone that no other information such as credit card details is stored by us and thus was not at any risk from this illegal breach.
As a precaution we are resetting the passwords of all users which means you will be unable to log into any of our websites/forums until your password is changed. To do this, go to https://profile.bistudio.com/profile/recover-password, enter your email address and press "Get a new password". Shortly afterwards you will receive an automated email from support@bistudio.com with a link, where you can set a new password of your choosing.
In the event that you do not receive the email within 20 minutes, please try searching your spam folder.
If you have any problems with your account, or have any questions/concerns regarding this incident please feel free to contact support@bistudio.com
Thank you for your attention,"
Bohemia Interactive a.s.

Don't you get the feeling that such attacks, be they DDoS or database breaches, happen more often recently? What do you make of it?

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