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Arma 3 Pushed To 2013

By Mokman13-12-2012

Arma 3, originally slated to be released for 2012, has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, namely the arrest of two developers, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar, under suspicion of spying during a trip to Greece. Bohemia Interactive has announced the delay of the game's release in order to allow it to "reach its full potential", an admirable decision showcasing their desire to create a genuinely great game.

As of right now, the two developers have been detained for 96 days, and their eventual fates look murky at best, despite the support gathered behind them. Personally, this seems ridiculous, and it is a tragic affair that is not only delaying the development of a brilliant game, but also is affecting the company itself "on a personal level", as quoted from a statement by new Arma 3 project lead, Joris-Janvan't Land. We sincerely hope that the issue is cleared up as soon as possible, and the two developers are returned safely home.

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I think we are more worried that it can be "later" in 2013 :/

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Well, uh... 2013 is like a few days away. Did anyone really expect the game to just come out now? :P