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Arma 3: Now with Helicopters

By drcoolio34512-11-2014

Arma 3 has been letting players kill each other for years now in its open world shooter, and pretty effectively at that, but as if the art of warfare wasn't refined enough as is, Bohemia entertainment is adding helicopters to the game! There are two sweet angels of death that have been added, but since I know as much about helicopters as Zinga knows about plot, here's Bohemia's description of the additions:

"The CH-67 Huron is a twin-engine, tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopter. Its primary role is the transportation of troops, vehicles and cargo – and is available in both an armed and transport variant. The Mi-290 Taru is a heavy utility helicopter with coaxial rotors and a unique modular construction. Various mission pods enable the Taru to serve many different roles. It can transport cargo, troops, and provide battlefield supplies (ammunition, fuel, repair facilities, and medical equipment). Both helicopters are also capable of sling loading, which is a brand new feature in Arma 3."

Helicopters are the main feature, but there's a plethora of additional content too. Time trials, a sling loading scenario showing off the loading and dropping off of vehicles and players, new VR training helicopter stages, more in game objects like landing platforms, and finally the ability for passengers to fire from vehicles instead of just sitting there getting shot at.

It's a lot, and from the sound of it, there're some game-changing features in the DLC. It's Arma's most expensive DLC yet by a long shot being priced at 16 dollars, but 16 dollars for a helicopter sounds like a steal to me.

The Arma 3 Helicopters DLC is now available for 12.99 EUR/10.99 GBP/15.99 USD on Steam and Store.bistudio.com. People can save 25% by purchasing the Arma 3 DLC Bundle.

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