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ArmA 3 Launches With Trailer, No Campaign

By MrJenssen12-09-2013

It's strange how this new trailer for ArmA 3, promoting its "final release" manages to get me a tad excited in a time when I am so sick and tired of the modern military shooters flooding the market. Of course, ArmA 3 shouldn't be compared to something like Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4. It's not as much a modern military shooter, as it is more of a complex war simulator. But still, it's a good trailer. So kudos for that.

Though ArmA 3 is now officially launched, it sort of isn't. You see, the singleplayer/cooperative campaign is nowhere in sight at this point. It is the intention of Bohemia Interactive to release the campaign over three DLCs, that are free for those who purchase the game.

So, while the trailer does look awesome, you might want to think twice before you pick the game up. It really all comes down to whether you're more interested in the competitive multiplayer or the (highly underrated) campaign when you play ArmA.

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...to 20 fps multiplayer gameplay, AWWW YEAH

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Time for me to jump back in...