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ARMA 3 Island Name Change

By Merc01-02-2013

After the insane jailing of Bohemia Interactive developers for allegedly spying on military installations in Greece, the name for the island in ARMA 3 is now going to change. They are renaming it 'Altis' and believe it fits with the mediterranean theme of the game.

After the release of the two developers recently, it should not come as a surprise that they would want to change the name. These two men and their family had to suffer through four months of unknowns, hoping that their loved ones would be released. A frightening ordeal indeed. ARMA 3 is looking great and we wish them nothing but the best in the rest of development.

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Posts: 223

The game looks so fantastic, I can barely contain my fluids.

It's great news that they finally got released. I'm sure it was a horrible ordeal, but I'm sure they will come out at the other end with a brilliant game and it will all be put behind them!

Posts: 351

Yeah, as long as it still becomes part of my PC.

Posts: 1548

Whatever gets this game out...