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ArmA 3 Is Better When Friends Combine Arms

By JcDent21-09-2013

ArmA 3 is your go-to game for hardcore military action. No healthbars, regeneration, hip shooting, quick scoping and all that other malarkey - here you have one hit kills, ballistics and other horrible things like that.

And as this video suggests, you should overcome it with combined arms tactics! So while the infantry is is core of every military operation, it won't be able to just roll over everything. Armor is needed to compensate for infantry's squishiness, but it also needs infantry to call out targets and protect them in urban terrain.

And to make up for infantry's lack of speed, it has to be transported to the battlefield via various means other than legs. Ground vehicles is are the obvious choices - although a bulky MRAP is probably better than an unarmored truck. Using boats on the sea is a bit trickier - there is no cover in the sea and boats aren't that armored. Helicopters can be used to transport squads of various sizes and to deploy them in unexpected places. This of course requires the cooperation between the pilots and infantry leaders, who not only have to plan LZs, but also to notify the pilots if the troops have all embarked or disembarked.

Helicopter gunship support can also be brought in, but they must be careful. AA defenses are a thing and even a sole infantryman with a MANPAD can take out a muli milion helo. Again, you need to cooperate with the infantry.

Lastly comes artillery. In shape of both man portable mortars and more serious sized guns, they are of great help when fighting in an entrenched position. The key, again, is calling in targets.

Well, how's this for fun?

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Performance was fine? What did you play? Sa-matra on Stratis?
Performance for me is ass, I get ~20-30 fps at best on shitty graphical settings on a 680 with a 2500k @ 4.3ghz. GPU is practically idling in this game and CPU is basicly chugging on 1 core.

Posts: 1548

Well I just played an MP match and the performance was fine. Though that game really needs a fair share of polishing. The animations still such and I can run faster up the hill than tank can ride it.

As for the videos I personally enjoy them.

Posts: 341

Why do people insist on spamming dyslexis crap videos everywhere?

Hes an arrogant pompous ass, ask what his specs are on his videos and you get blocked immediately. Cause he wants you to go to his site and get more money.

Plus hes got his head up bohemias ass saying the game is optimized, yet no one can play it in multiplayer with respectable framerates as the 10 year old engine still runs on 1 core and servers dictate framerate.