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ARMA 3 Infantry Combat

By Mokman21-03-2013

Well, at least, it calls itself a community guide. I call it a blatant ploy to make every single person who doesn't own ARMA 3 jealous. Seriously, less than one minute into the game, and I find myself desperately forcing my finger away from the Purchase button at the store. Well played, Bohemia, well played. Anyway, the guide basically talks a bit about what makes ARMA such a brilliant game, going through basic military concepts such as situational awareness etc. Actually, as an individual currently undergoing military service and having had to do all these things in real life (trust me, it's much less fun when you actually have to do it), I daresay the simulation is pretty authentic. Barring the occasional bullshit of course, such as the horrific waste of ammo or the inclusion of ACOG scopes on every damn weapon, mechanics such as the ability to look where your gun isn't pointing is something that really adds to the immersion. Makes me really want to get it, this does...

Ah, who am I kidding? See you guys in the Alpha.

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The one thing I can tell about the infantry alpha is STEAL THE SCOPE FROM THE DOWNED MGUNNER. Seriously, the basic sights suck at range. The enemies in the vid were stupid and in very fortunate positions. Once I came to the village in demo, I couldn't see for shit from where I was fired upon.