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ARMA 3 Gives You Sitrep II

By JcDent25-10-2013

ARMA 3 is the newest and flashiest FPS in "military simulation" genre. No, that has nothing to do with "modern military shooters" - in ARMA 3, your 300 hours of Call of Duty experience make you a challenge for snipers (what with you running around), but not much of a threat to anyone. Either you play hard, or admit that you're a casual and that your grandma was right for never having faith in you.

Anyways, to make it a little easier for new players, a lot of videos explaining various in game things were released. The newest one – called Sitrep II – is different. It kind of explains what ARMA 3 is and what you can expect from it. For now, it's a platform (it sounds so true, I didn't even add quotes to that word) with two maps (of 600 and 20 square kilometers in size, respectively) where players can experience rifle ranges, showcases and MP battles. It's infantry centric, but not lacking armoured jeeps, tanks, artillery, helicopters and jets. It will feature a campaign in three parts and it already has ample mods and scenarios accessible through Steam Workshop. In the video, they mention that other devs are dropping mod support because it might be too hard for their players (filthy dumb casual scum) but ARMA 3 encourages it. And why wouldn't they – a player that is able to wrestle ARMA 3 gameplay into submission probably has all the patience and tenacity a real modder needs.

Now we just wait for someone to mod in prettier explosions and interface, and we're set.

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Just give us the SP! I want to have a quality coop run because the mods are either too short, too simple/hard or just broken.