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ArmA 3 Finally Campaigned

By JcDent31-10-2013

ArmA 3 is the biggest modern military simulator out there and it feeds on the tears of casuals. However, it had one snag: Bohemia Interactive announced that the campaign wouldn't be released with the game, but as a FREE (they should have really bolded and all caps'ed it in every announcement) DLCs later on. Well, today, they have launched the first part - "Survive"!

In the campaign, the NATO peacekeeping mandate on the Mediterranian islands of Altis and Stratis is close to the end and the multinational forces are ready to pull out. Unfortunately, this creates a new flashpoint. You play as Ben Kerry, a member of Task Force Aegis. They and a unit of UKSF operators get cought up in the new conflict and it's up to you to shoot enemies you can barely see, dodge deadly tanks and... survive!

While the release dates of the other campaigns are as of yet unknown, be thankfull that this one is already here. As if you didn't have enough fun with all the player made content! Oh, and there's going to be more of it, since the new campaign comes with various new assets that will be available for further player "modding" efforts. Have fun!

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Posts: 1548

Bot of these games have one factor in common - my precious time, of which I don't have too much.

Posts: 1317

Well they can't exactly be compared. First of all, this is a free campaign to the game people already own. Second, singleplayer/COOP content for Arma 3 isn't exactly competing with multiplayer-focused Battlefield 4.

Posts: 3290

Dude, where have you been? They announced the release date months ago.

And everyone knows ArmA > Battlefield

Posts: 1548

Really?! They release it now, that BF4 is coming out!