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ARMA 3 Early Beta Rundown

By MrJenssen27-06-2013

ARMA 3 just entered Beta. With it, Bohemia Interactive's video designer - and member of the community group Shack Tactical - Andrew 'Dslyecxi' Gluck is here to once again let us know what's been changing over the past few months, what's new now, and what is yet to come.

The alpha, released in March this year, had some limited gameplay features and scenarios meant to demonstrate how things are meant to work in the full release, giving players a chance to get an early taste. The beta takes the logical steps forward, improving the visuals and performance, adding in new vehicles like attack helicopters, APCs and mini-submarines for the scuba divers, weapons like the sub-machineguns, and a new playable faction with its own weapons and vehicles. There're minor additions too, like the improved, fully 3D rendering of scopes when zoomed in. Community created content has also flourished during the alpha, and new mods and missions have been coming out regularly. With the recent upgrade to beta, that is surely going to continue.

The game's development is moving at a brisk pace, and is looking good for its release later this year. Check out the video above for the full scoop.

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Posts: 297

To be fair, I like the pricing model they've done for this, but I'll be waiting for the full release with expansions/DLC and a nice price cut when its on sale =P.

Posts: 1548

@XiDiO - this is an official ARMA 3 video. Look what channel it is hosted on. Dyslexi is kind of a community PR guy for Bohemia.

Posts: 1317

He blocked you, eh? Well, I'm sure you're getting used to some people not putting up with you by now, Xidio. ^^

Posts: 341

Yes lets link Dyslexis video, the guy who blocks everyone.
Even if you just ask what his system specs are or saying that the game runs like shit ;)