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ARMA 3 Detailed For Ze Germans

By JcDent05-08-2013

No, this incredibly dead IFV is not a metaphor for ARMA 3. But PC Games.de got to have a talk with the ARMA 3 devs and the guys at Armaholic made a summary - because not everybody reads bloody Hun.

The high points and highlights are:

Release this fall

Campaign is not included with the official release and will be released for free later for everyone owning the game

It will come with different multiplayer and singleplayer missions which will give you a good look of all content in the game

Functional cockpit (in the Strider) and functional elements

Talking about Stratis and how much it looks like in real life

Talking about the underwater aspect of the game, the further you go from land the less details are build in under water

The weapon balancing, ballistics and the AI are at the moment the most important aspects of development

Trying to find a balance between realism and gaming

Talking a bit about the realistic artillery (placed on the map physically)

Sniper mission and talking about the modular weapons

Unless they're lying/are real bad at translating.

Anyways, the lack of the campaign might be worrying for some, but with the multiplayer Alpha and Beta being around for so long, everybody will probably be surprised to be actually playing a single player game.

And the next part of this German interview is probably going to be about factions, armor (like that sad IFV), gunships, drones, sandbox and the Alliance-System!

But what do you want to hear about?

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I still want SP on launch :(