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ARMA 3 Campaign Now Modular but Still Free

By JcDent08-08-2013

ARMA 3 is one of those rare AAA realistic military games. It's set to be launched this fall (the exact date will supposedly be announced at the end of the week)... only without the campaign, which will be delivered later on in 3 TOTALLY FREE DLCs.

In a lengthy blogpost, the devs explain the rationale of such a decision: the game changed a lot, especially due to Alpha and Beta feedback, so campaign got turned somewhat upside down. They will now release the singleplayer, multiplayer and sandbox parts in... Whenever, This Fall, then, after 4 weeks, you'll get the first part of the campaign called Survive, while the Adapt and Win parts will be launched somewhat vaguely afterwards.

You don't pay a dime, just sit on your fat ass and watch Steam update the game.

Also, a lot of fan responses to the initial announcement on Twitter seem to show that ARMA attracts not only the hardcore military fans, but some denser elements too.

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