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Arkham Origins Rumoured To Have MP

By Mokman24-04-2013

According to an inside source, Kotaku has recently reported that Batman: Arkham Origins will have multiplayer. This piece of tantalizing news comes from the same source that predicted (somewhat correctly), the name of the next instalment in the series, as well as the background for the logo - thus giving it somewhat more credibility than other rumours of its ilk.

And no, before you fall off your chair in rage at the mental image of a dozen Batmans battling it out amongst the rooftops, the multiplayer is rumoured to be instead, asymmetrical (a form of multiplayer games that have proven till now to be tremendously successful, and fun).  Apparently you would get to either play as a member of Joker or Bane's gang as they attempt to take down Batman and Robin.

So what do you think? Let the rumour mill turn - Warner Brothers have coyly remained silent, though I doubt that will last for long. In any case, we will find out in October, when the game is finally released...


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<sarcasm>Cause the only thing I was thinking as I played the Arkham games is 'I wish someone else could be playing this with me' </sarcasm>

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I want co op :(
AC would of been even better if it had coop.

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Arkham City was rumored to have MP at first too. But the developers did say they actually intended to include MP co-op with Arkham City initially (thus the rumours were actually true!) but had to drop it as it was too ambitious but hoped to do it on the next title or through DLC. Now it never came through DLC thus their new Arkham title should have it.