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Arkham Origins Official Trailer Punches It's Way Onto The Internet

By Mokman21-05-2013

Loved Arkham Asylum? Couldn't get enough of Arkham City? Well, hmm, they were good and all, but somewhat lacking in... ambition. One gave you an incredible prison chock full of stuff to explore, discover and brutally beat down. The other, gave you a city to glide about in, kicking villains in the face. Now, Arkham Origins, now that is what I call ambition. It gives you Gotham.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Batman shall finally truly be placed in his proper habitat, Gotham City. And boy, is he enjoying himself, as we can see from the all new exciting trailer that's been just released. Neo-noir grim settings? Check. Masked villains? Check. Hints towards classic bad guys? Check. A "young, raw and unrefined" Batman? Check. Key moments from Batman's history, including him meeting and forging relationships with others? Check. Deathstroke? Check. Epic duel on shipping crates? Check.

Really, what more can you ask for? I for one, am entirely satisfied with where this series is heading. I cannot wait.


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As a fan of well-made trailers I can only stand speechless... *.*