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Arkham Origins Has a Cold, Cold Heart

By acharris7722-04-2014

Holy Cold Hearted Batman…Today marks the release of the DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. Cold, Cold Heart brings a new story to gamers as well as for the first time seeing what the great tragedy was that made Mr. Freeze what he is today. This add-on lets us visit new locations such as the famous Wayne Manor and Gothcorp.

For those who haven’t heard much about the DLC, here is a quick recap of the story. Set just after the main story in Arkham Origins, it is New Year's Eve and millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is hosting the ‘Humanitarian of the Year Award’. Mr Freeze gatecrashes the party and attacks Wayne and his guests.

This is available now for download via Steam priced £7.99 or as part of the Arkham Origin Season Pass. Check back with us for all your Batman news, Same Bat-site, Same Bat-Time.


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