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Arkham Nights, Take 2 or Refund

By McKaby02-11-2015

What can we say, when it first came out, the game was, to use a classic bit of British understatement, a bit broken. In fact, I don't think British understatement works here, it was completely broken.

Well, the game has been re-released after a few months off the Steam store and well, aside from a few issues it's been fixed...somewhat. I have seen reports of players citing that they have “broken” the console versions to make it in-line with the bits they couldn't get working on PC, but I doubt those.

Warner Brothers has told Steam that they are willing to allow a refund on any copies sold no questions asked or time played until the end of the year, including the season pass, they do state however that they are going to continue working on the game.

To see the full statement go here. Let’s hope that WB do update the game to be playable with minimal issues.

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