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Arkham Knight Infiltrates Some Trailers

By drcoolio34508-12-2014

The second and third trailer for the Ace Chemicals Infiltration missions are here already! It might not be gameplay, but at least Batman, his car, and the explosions they're making are looking than anything the Batman series has put out since Arkham Asylum. Infiltration missions seem like they'll be the car combat side missions with a little hostage rescuing on the side for the most part, so here's to hoping that the car combat is just as fast paced and action filled as it's driver's combat.

You can find the first trailer and a little bit more information on the missions here, and look forward to Arkham Knight's release on June 2nd, 2015 exclusively for current generation systems and PC.

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They're really making the most of all the Batmobile stuff aren't they